Subscript Greek-Russian New Testament

This edition is the only comprehensive publication that combines:
1. A literal modern translation of the New Testament in a sub-line version.
2. Greek New Testament (Stephanus’ 1550 Textus Receptus).
3. Analytical lexicon to the Greek New Testament (in the form of morphological characteristics to each Greek word).
4. Strong’s numbers (to each Greek word).
5.Corrected edition of the Synodal Translation (mission “Light in the East”) in the outer field of the page field.
6. Variations in the Greek New Testament , present in four main editions – TR & NA24, namely: Textus Receptus Stephanus 1550 edition, Scrivener’s Edition of Textus Receptus, Majority Text according to Zane Hodges and Arthur Farstad and Egyptian (`V ‘for Vatican ) UBS4.

Who is interested in this book?
You, if you seek to know the truth (John 8:32)!
You, if you wish to penetrate into the original text of the New Testament!
You, if you wish to discover and see (penetrate) the inmost truths with which His Word abounds!
You, if you wish to understand the “hard-to-understand” places and the consistent teaching of the New Testament!
You, if you wish to understand the style and principle of writing the New Testament, delving directly into its original text, experiencing the spirit of that time together with the authors of the New Testament!
You, if you want a new, beautiful and interesting!
You, you, you, because you are an extraordinary, hungry and unique person who deserves to have such an instrument as this book!
How much does it cost and where to buy?
The format of the book is A4 , offset printing, 1,072 pages, offset 70 g / sq. M. Paper, hardcover with full-color printing and matte lamination, book weight – 2.6 kg.
The retail value of the book without postage is 160 UAH. ( $ 32 / 896 rub.). The book can be purchased in Christian shops in Ukraine and Russia, order in our online store , by e – mail . address:, by ICQ: 275146930 or by phone. in Ukraine in the slave. The time now is: mob. +38 (097) 9302093. The list of stores where you can buy a book is constantly updated at this address. When ordering a large number of books, there are flexible discounts and free shipping on the territory of Ukraine.

There is an electronic version of the book on CD!
If you do not have the money to purchase a printed edition of the book, you can order a CD “Subscript Greek-Russian New Testament – Electronic Option” for 45 UAH. ($ 9/250 rubles.) In our online store , by email, ICQ or by phone.
The CD contains the “Greek Greek-Russian New Testament” with the ability to extract text and print individual pages, the layout of the pages is adapted for viewing on the monitor screen.
Also on the disk in the form of additional material are 37 books from the library of the Ukrainian Society of Grace, including the “New Testament with the indexation of each Greek word on the Jacob Strong system” and “edited by Victor Zhuromsky and “Greek New Testament Stephanus 1550 Textus Receptus” (scanned edition).