American Muslims twice as likely to attempt suicide: report


Muslims in the United States are twice as likely to have attempted suicide as people of other faiths, according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Almost 8% of Muslims surveyed said they had attempted suicide in their lifetime. The figures are lower for Catholics at 6%, Protestants at 5% and Jews at 3.6%.

“Anecdotally and in a clinical setting, we are definitely seeing an increase in suicides and suicide attempts,” said Dr Rania Awaad. NPR. She is the director of the Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab at Stanford University and a researcher on the study.

The researchers said there are two main reasons for this trend that they are seeing. Muslims in the United States face religious discrimination and they do not seek help for psychological distress because Muslims themselves as a community stigmatize seeking counseling.

Earlier in 2021, people were shocked when two brothers from Texas, aged 19 and 21, decided to kill each other together. They both suffered from depression. They made a pact to kill the rest of their family so that they didn’t have to face the pain of their suicides.

NPR reported that American Muslims are more likely to report suicide attempts than Muslims in Muslim-majority countries, according to a Stanford University study. “As a religious minority in the United States, Muslims are very vulnerable to religious discrimination, which is associated with depression, anxiety and paranoia,” he said.

Suicide prevention

Here’s what to do if someone you know is showing warning signs of suicide:
• Don’t leave the person alone. • Remove all firearms, alcohol, drugs or sharp objects that could be used in a suicide attempt.
• Take the person to the emergency room or seek help from a health or mental health professional.
• You can contact and talk to the following mental health helplines.
Organization of the mind 042 35761999
Umang 0317 4288665 0333 4065139
Baat Karo 0335 5743344
Taskeen 0332 5267936
Rooh 0333 3337664
Rozan 0800-22444
OpenCounseling 042 35761999


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