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The Bishop of the Anglican Church of Lagos Mainland, Rt. Rev. Akinpelu Johnson, said Nigeria will continue to dwell on its challenges as long as the citizens put other things above the good of the country. Bishop Johnson said this at the 90th anniversary book launch of All Saints Anglican Church, Yaba, Lagos.

The cleric said, “The church is a divine enterprise. Sometimes he has his problems, but he holds his own. We are celebrating our 90th birthday but there is still work to be done. This is a difficult time for all Nigerians, but our leaders must be faithful in all that they do, and we hope that by 2023, credible leaders after God’s heart will be elected. Also, if we put other things above the good of the country, we will continue to have problems.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu while praising those who have served the church has pledged to contribute his own quota to the church projects.

On the anniversary, Akinpelu said, “We give thanks to God for the continued existence of the church for 90 years. So it’s a thing of joy and thanksgiving to God. For me, it’s sentimental because I worked in the church when I was young in the ministry. All Saints Anglican Church, Yaba has been faithful in church planting; they planted all the saints Ikosi-Ketu 40 years ago and many other churches, so this is a church that has missionary zeal, and that’s why we are here, also to recognize those who have continued to serve and those who have served in the church.

On his part, Chairman of the Anniversary Development Committees, Olusesan Ayodele Onabowale said, “In terms of the challenges that the church has gone through, we see them as a process of growth. We had the privilege of celebrating the 80th anniversary and in the last 10 years a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and because of that we can only appreciate God the 90th year because 10 years is not is no joke in a man’s life.

“Part of the things we are putting in place is recognizing our nonagenarians and decorating them with a medallion medal; the reason being that in 100 years we probably won’t have two or three, so we called on the people who matter, including the Governors of Lagos and Ogun States to celebrate with us.

“It’s a change for young people. We let young people appreciate what the church was, what it is now, and move forward into what it should be so they don’t lose sight of how things are done. And, we want to take this opportunity to also raise funds to carry out certain projects such as our parish hall, the new church organ and the new medical center; we tried to raise funds but we outsource them. Everything we do is for humanity and we live for humanity.

On what Nigerian leaders can learn and his advice to the nation, he said, “We must all persevere as a people. We need to have real understanding, be passionate and love this country. We must not be egocentric, those who have must take care of those who have not, and those who have must spread it, after all, we come into the world with nothing and we will leave with nothing.

He added: “Whether one person has amassed the whole world, piled up billions, on the day the bell rings they can’t take anything away and those who don’t know how these things were achieved will step in and do what they want. want to do with it so, in a person’s life, he has to make sure to satisfy humanity, to help those who have none.

“We visited disabilities recently and I was amazed by what I saw and wonder why those who are well off don’t contact them.”
Furthermore, Sanwo-Olu, while praising those who served the church, promised to contribute his own quota to the church projects.


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