August 22 High School Soccer Top of the Crop-Matin Journal


Top of the crop


1: (1) Avon 1-0

2: (2) Keystone 1-0

3: (3) Lake Avon 1-0

4: (4) Olmsted Falls 1-0

5: (6) Colombia 1-0

6: (7) Rocky River 1-0

7: (8) Elyria 1-0

8: (5) Tierra del Fuego 0-1

9: (9) Elilia Catholic 0-1

10: (NR) Brookside 1-0

Watchlist: North Olmsted 1-0, Vermilion 1-0, Baie 1-0

Abandoned: (10) Amherst 0-1

Cropping comment: Avon asked if it was still the same Avon and won the difficult Brunswick team 38-0. The Eagles’ young offense was impressive, with junior quarterback Samdetilio scoring three goals. The Eagles’ difficult start to the season continues into week two at Medina. … Harvest spots 2-4 remain the same because all three teams won. No.2 Keystone was looking for victory in the northwest, but No.3 Avon Lake and No.4 Olmsted Falls easily won. … The Firelands, who lost to Edison, dropped three places to eighth place. The Falcons faced the Chargers hard, but didn’t win. They will face another harvest team on the 6th Rocky River on August 27th. … Speaking of Pirates, they are one of four teams that play in the harvest of the first regular season. The river crossed the mid-view in the first week and as expected was impressive with the attack. … Colombia move to a former location in Fireland when the Raiders dismantle Independence on Week 1 Slope. In his second running back, Marco Chiriliano was impressed that he has over 300 yards on the ground to honestly put his name on the map as a legitimate candidate for the Matt Wilhelm Award. … If Elyria hadn’t returned to Elyria’s Catholicism in the second half, the Panthers, not the Pioneers, would have secured seven spots. At the start of the third quarter, Elyria was 15-0 behind before taking 28 straights, thanks to the explosive play of talented players. … Catholics in Elyria need not be ashamed of their loss. The Panthers played well and shot to break up the game in the dying minutes, but not enough. One of the things EC and head coach Brian Fox can take from this game is that they have a strong quarterback. Brady Cook threw the ball well and totaled over 200 yards on his first college start. … Brookside moved on to Crop this week, rising to 10th place on a team off the watch list. The Cardinals trembled in Wycliffe’s first week, led by dynamic athlete Kenny Grobolsek.

August 22 High School Soccer Top of the Crop-Matin Journal

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