Cemetery beehives support London’s multicultural organization


London church helps make life a little sweeter this holiday season for a local nonprofit organization.

For a second year, honey from the beehives behind St. Aidan’s Anglican Church on Oxford Street West is being sold to support LUSO’s community services.

Beekeeper Peter Andersen explains, “We sell it for $ 20 a jar. It is a very good honey. We have raised over $ 5,000 in honey sales and then that amount has been matched this year by the St. Aidan community here, by several donors, and we are donating $ 11,000 to LUSO. “

Leroy Hibbert of LUSO says the support is greatly appreciated.

“This financial support is just great and truly a blessing for what we are trying to do to serve a community that is facing challenges at this time.”

LUSO is a multicultural agency that works with people in need in our city.

“Well, we have youth programs, we have literacy programs, we have programs that are for students and people from different walks of life, so we have a holistic approach to dealing with humanity. “said Hibbert.

For Andersen, it’s about coming together.

“We are working together to produce this honey and take care of the bees. As a community we have conservations around the ecology and the community and the needs, and then when we include LUSO in that, it’s just a very good thing.”

And year after year, the colonies produce more honey. In 2021, they were able to collect 275 pots.

Reverend Kevin George of St. Aidan says the spirit of giving is essential this time of year.

“One of the relationships that we like to highlight in the church is our relationship with nature and with God’s creation and having the bees here next to the greenhouse that we use to grow vegetables for the bank. city ​​food that the bees pollinate – they produce honey and LUSO is busy helping those who have the hardest time in this city in some of our poorest areas and so for us we saw it as a big winner -winner.”


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