Chaplain fired for Christian views warns of soft totalitarianism

Bernard Randall
Reverend Bernard Randall |

WASHINGTON — An Anglican chaplain who was fired and reported to a counterterrorism program for preaching Christian doctrine on sexual ethics at a chapel service is warning against totalitarian ideologies actively at work in the West.

In a breakout session at the International Religious Freedom Summit, a panel on “polite persecution” – a phrase coined by Pope Francis – convened by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, described how the Secular abortion and gender activists are undermining cherished freedoms in countries that have historically championed religious liberty. Often, religious persecution is sanctioned by the state.

This sort of so-called polite hostility is often experienced by practitioners of religions that adhere to more traditional views of human life, marriage, and the material reality of biological sex.

In his remarks, the Reverend Bernard Randall recounted how just over three years ago, as an ordained chaplain, he was reported to authorities and investigated as part of a government counter-terrorism investigation for espousing Christian sexual ethics during a chapel service in a church. of the English school.

The school had invited LGBT activist Elly Barnes, founder of Educate & Celebrate, an LGBT education charity, to a staff training session to introduce a new curriculum under the guise of anti-bullying education, a he said, noting that no one opposes protecting students. bullying. Yet he soon discovered that some aspects of this training were not about bullying, but about indoctrinating LGBT ideology. This went so far that at one point trainers blackmailed staff about the need to “destroy heteronormativity”.

“It’s something beyond not intimidating people,” Randall said.

The LGBT group further taught staff that there are nine characteristics protected by UK law, among them ‘gender’ and ‘gender identity’. But that’s not true, Randall pointed out, noting that the trans movement has coerced the public into believing such claims.

Since the goal of the Educate & Celebrate educational materials is “to embed gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation into the fabric of your organization,” students asked Randall to address the issue during of a chapel service.

After that, he was summarily expelled from school for gross misconduct and reported to the counter-terrorism program after telling students, aged 11 to 17, that they were not required “to accept an ideology with which they do not agree”. He also told the students that they could make up their own minds about gender identity and sexuality.

religious freedom
Lucas Koach, director of international justice and peace for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Reverend Bernard Randall of the Church of England, and Melina Carmona de Romero of the Centro de Ayuda para la Mujer in Bolivia seen during a panel at the International Religious Freedom Summit to discuss the persecution against believers targeted by secular abortion and gender activists in Washington, DC on June 29, 2022. |

Randall added that students can choose to embrace the thinking of LGBT activists or adhere to Christian sexual ethics – that marriage is only between a man and a woman and sex is confined to that context. . More importantly, he advised students to show respect to those who disagree.

“I was called in for what I can only describe as a senior management interview,” he said. “I was suspended. And I was fired for gross misconduct for doing my job according to the job description.”

Randall has also been flagged to child protection services and a UK government counter-terrorism program as a potential violent extremist.

“I’d like to think I’m a reasonably moderate guy,” he said, reiterating how he left the question of whether to believe LGBT activists’ claims open in his chapel remarks.

But his dismissal and reporting to the government’s counter-terrorism task force was a telling moment showing just how far the school’s administration had gone to the other extreme.

He is now suing the school for religious discrimination, but noted how surprising it is that he has to take legal action against a Church of England institution, for proclaiming Christian beliefs in a sermon during a a chapel service. The Christian Legal Center has represented him ever since.

Speaking of the relevance of the international religious freedom summit, the Anglican chaplain stressed that freedom of religion includes freedom of religion. Marxist progressive ideology at work works much like a religion and people should be free from it if they want to.

“If Western countries cannot protect their own religious groups from discrimination, there is absolutely no reason that other countries that we could point the finger at” are violating religious freedom, and they can tell the West and say “You’re not taking it seriously, so why should we? he said.

When asked by The Christian Post why gender ideologues wouldn’t even allow a disagreement, Randall pointed to his philosophical roots.

“It seems to me that if you look at the Marxist-like origins of this stuff, what’s happening is that they’re going against what they see as religion – the opium of the masses – this kind of false consciousness, and they just educate us in true consciousness,” he said.

“But anyone who says, ‘Oh no, I’m quite happy with my religious ideas, I’m quite happy with this consciousness that I already have’ is a real threat to all concepts. They threaten the idea that what everyone believes is wrong, and Marxists will take us to this wonderful, enlightened new utopia.

“And they can’t tolerate that kind of threat. It’s a very totalitarian system,” he added.

What Randall experienced three years ago in England is what he and others have called “soft totalitarianism” while what people are enduring in China is “hard totalitarianism”.

“But the difference between them is not as big as we would like to think,” he pointed out.

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