Church in Wales accused of upsetting God with gay blessings


The heart of God is in mourning, said a group of Welsh evangelists. (Envato)

An evangelical group has condemned the Church of Wales for deciding to bless same-sex unions, accusing it of upsetting God.

On September 6, the Church of Wales voted in favor of allowing blessings for same-sex unions “on an experimental basis” for the next five years.

He took the Evangelical Fellowship in the Church in Wales (EFCW) three weeks to respond to the decision, and in a declaration published Monday (September 27), he accuses the Church of defying “the apostolic faith as revealed in the scriptures.

In its statement, the EFCW said it recognizes that the church has been “callous and even hurtful” to LGBT + people in the past and that it believes the church should welcome LGBT + people – as long as they don’t have sex.

“The only biblical context for sexual activity is heterosexual marriage,” he wrote, accusing the church of dishonoring “those who, believing the Scriptures to teach that sexual activity is limited to heterosexual marriage, have chosen to stay. single ”.

The group says allowing the blessings of same-sex partnerships within the church has “changed the church’s doctrine on marriage.”

The statement continued: “This decision has damaged the Church’s relations in Wales with the majority of the provinces of the Anglican World Communion, which remain committed to an orthodox understanding of human sexuality.”

Such disunity is a serious and serious matter which afflicts the heart of God.

The The evangelical community added: “Likewise, for many members of the EFCW, the decision has also altered our relationships with our bishops and our relationships with clerics who choose to perform such blessings. This decision brought disunity in the Church of God. Such disunity is a serious and serious matter which saddens the heart of God. “

According to the EFCW, the decision has now led “a significant number” of Welsh Anglicans to question whether they will stay in the church. In the statement, it is claimed that “there have been and will be” resignations of church members, worship leaders, clergy and Sunday school teachers.

The EFCW is now calling for the appointment of a new bishop who has “an understanding of the doctrine of marriage as being only between a man and a woman”, and offers “protection and care” to clergy who refuse to bless them. same sex couples. .

Finally, he asks the Church to commit not to introduce a bill on same-sex marriage during the five-year experiment.

While the EFCW vehemently disagreed with the vote, others within the church welcomed it.

Gregory Cameron, Bishop of St Asaph, said the result is a “a big step forward for the church and for all of us in Wales ”.

He continued: “I think it is the hope of the bishops that during these five years we will be able to reach a consensus on [same-sex] wedding. And when it comes to deciding whether or not to continue with the blessing service, perhaps the church will be able to be bold enough to take one more step towards the inclusion of gays and lesbians.

In the same way, Anglican and LGBT + evangelical rights activist Jayne ozanne noted: “If we want all of those entrusted to us to prosper and prosper, and our churches to grow, we must learn to embrace diversity and be known as people who practice what we preach. Love is love, and where it is between two adults, it is something to be celebrated and even blessed. “

The BBC reported that the Bishop of St Asaph Gregory Cameron said: “The Church of Wales has done the right thing under God for the LGBTQIA + community”.

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