classy anti-Catholicism | National exam


Over the years I’ve had my run-ins with discrimination against Catholics from other Christians (who have misconceptions about what we believe about Mary, saints, the pope, the Eucharist and other stuff). But in politics, it’s amazing how obvious the left will sometimes be. Consider Ed Whelan’s score that Nina Totenberg identifies Justice J. Michelle Childs’ Catholicism as a possible disqualification for her Supreme Court nomination, as she would be the seventh Catholic on the Court. Totenberg counts Sonia Sotomayor, who has described herself as “lapsed,” and feels the need to point out that Neil Gorsuch was raised Catholic, even though he is now an Episcopalian. I’m not insisting on a Catholic bloc on the court, just qualified judges. And your religious faith should not be disqualifying.

Obviously, we don’t live in a time of nothing, but the left does. Remember Chuck Schumer after Bill Prior for his Catholic faith when he was a candidate for the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals? Or Dianne Feinstein telling Amy Coney Barrett that Catholic dogma lives loudly in her (an unintended compliment)? The list continues. The list continues. There is clearly still a strong enough intolerance among some that it could even disqualify a potential Biden pick. But there’s clearly an intolerance that goes beyond whether it could even disqualify a potential Biden pick. Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice, it has been said. Totenberg’s reporting suggests this remains true and could fuel some of the drive to restrict religious freedom on the left — which is not only wrong, but poses a danger to the most vulnerable served by the Beatitudes.


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