Collections I” is an articulate discussion of the Catholic faith


“Catholic Thoughts: Collections I”: a captivating and inspiring opportunity for spiritual renewal. “Catholic Thoughts: Collections I” is the creation of published author Edward L. Helmrich, who graduated from Yale in 1983 with a BA in mathematics and courses in philosophy and English literature. He also completed a graduate year in mathematics at Fordham University. During a few decades of limited action due to illness and work at the library of Iona College for the (Irish) Christian Brethren, he collected reflections on faith and literature.

Helmrich recounts: “In 1961, in Garabandal, at the height of the power of the Soviet Union, Mary told Conchita and the three other girls that ‘when Communism returns, these things [marking the end of time] would start. The girls asked, ‘Come back? Where is he going ? Now we have seen communism disappear, defeated by Pope John Paul II and other leaders, and now we see it coming back.

“At Fatima, Mary said that if the Holy Father in union with the bishops of the world would consecrate the world to her Immaculate Heart, ‘An era of peace would be granted to humanity.’ Pope Saint John Paul II made this consecration in 1984. But how long does an era of peace last? In the Psalms, a man’s life is 70 or 80 years, an average of 75 years. period lasted 75 years (1917-1991) Perhaps the Chinese CCP will last 75 years, having started in 1949. If the era of peace lasts 75 years, and if it began with the end of the Second World War in 1945, the era of peace ended in 2020.

“Mary also said that” at the end [her] The Immaculate Heart would triumph.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Edward L. Helmrich’s new book offers a compelling view of Catholic traditions and values.

Helmrich writes in the hope of bringing more understanding to the word of God and to the Catholic faith.

Consumers can purchase “Catholic Thoughts: Collections I” in traditional bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store or Barnes and Noble.

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