Communion Through Difference – Episcopal News Service

The conference is titled Communion through difference: Catholicism and Anglicanism, and it is jointly sponsored by the Anglican Center in Rome, the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee, and St. George’s Episcopal Church. This is a fundraising event for the Anglican Center in Rome (ACR), but will focus on discerning how to pursue church healing relationships in a polarized and fractured world (indeed, the title of the conference is taken from work done in our own church). I can think of no better time to highlight this work, especially as churches risk fracturing along the same fault lines of surrounding institutions (politically, socially and otherwise). Instead, how do we lead in a way that witnesses to the God who has broken down the “separation wall of hostility” and who desires the church to reflect the unity of the Trinity?

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Stanley Hauerwas from Duke Divinity School, but we will also have speakers from Rome, Mauritius and the United States. There are three key functions within the conference: (1) an ecumenical evening song (modeled after the 2016 Papal Vespers service with the Pope and Archbishop Welby), which will include local and international ecumenical visitors; (2) A benefit dinner where we will hear from Dr. Stanley Hauerwas; and (3) a symposium exploring the Anglican vocation to ecumenism (with guest speakers including Dr. Hauerwas).


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