Diocese launches investigation into anti-vax claims


The statement from the Diocese of Portsmouth also underscored the Vatican’s position that it is morally acceptable for Catholics to receive the Covid vaccination and it is part of a duty to pursue the common good.

Anti-vaccination material posted by Father Roth on St Mary’s website from LifeSiteNews and former doctor Vernon Coleman has now been removed.

Last week, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales also expressed concern about the material.

The controversy comes as concerns grow about Catholic extremists co-opting US-style culture wars, in the US and elsewhere, including the UK, to oppose the Covid-19 vaccine.

Writing in the latest edition of America, Jesuit journal, Father Sam Sawyer SJ calls attention to the common good as a “fundamental tenet of Catholic moral tradition” and warns of Catholics attempting to divert Covid vaccines into culture wars. He writes: “Let me suggest a rule of thumb for reading future news on this topic: if you can’t find the phrase ‘common good’ in a discussion of Catholicism and the morality of vaccination, then you won’t get. not from the Catholic tradition – and maybe someone is trying to drag you into the culture war instead. “


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