EDITORIAL: Black parents in Colorado Springs take on the far left | Opinion


Left-leaning white activists claim to know what is best for minorities. They disguise their patronizing and authoritarian agendas in feigned compassion for “people of color.” They believe they know what is best, even when parents of non-white children say otherwise.

“They want Critical Race Theory (CRT), Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) rather than what parents of minority children want,” said Derrick Wilburn, the father of a District 20 student and two District 20 graduates. “We want the kids to be ready for college or a career.”

Wilburn, a businessman and former college professor, is part of a growing movement of black and non-white parents in Colorado Springs who are challenging leftist agendas they see as harmful.

Wilburn kinda knows how to teach black kids to be successful. Her daughter earned a four-year college degree in five semesters, instead of eight. He started a congressional internship program for black teenagers. His son graduated from the Air Force Academy and flies $60 million KC-135 jets for a living.

“Teaching him DEI and CRT has nothing to do with his accomplishments,” Wilburn said. “Teaching him DEI would have told my son that he couldn’t achieve all of this because of the white oppressor and racist society holding him back. I taught my children that they are victors, and that schools should teach.

Mike Jones identifies himself as part of the growing movement of black and other non-white parents embracing programs that tell minorities they are victims of an intractable racist culture. Mostly white activists, often dressed in red or rainbow outfits, are increasingly showing up at board meetings to oppose minority parents. They personally attack council members tempted to agree with the parents.

“Some of these people are really trying to do something well-intentioned, and they’re just plain misguided,” Jones said. “Others are part of a post-modern narrative that says everything traditional needs to be dismantled because tradition is what spawned prejudice, racism, all that. … A predominantly white community is fighting back for students and families of color to feel they need to be cared for in a way that is anti-equal Everyone forgets Dr. King’s dream of whites, blacks, Jews, Catholics and Protestants holding hands and judging by character, not by skin.We went completely the other way in public schools.

Activists seem unwilling or unable to accept the consequences of the elections. Voters across the city recently elected school board majorities that oppose CRT instruction and other programs that fall under the DEI umbrella.

“They tell us ‘CRT is not taught in our schools.’ That’s nonsense,” Jones said. “It’s like saying pizza isn’t served in the cafeteria, when they serve bread covered in a tomato-based sauce, cheese and pork products. They just stopped calling it pizza.

Parent Ken Davis attends D-49 and D-11 meetings and also talks about activists who show up at school board meetings who oppose elected board majorities to dispense with CRTs and DEIs so schools can focus on the essentials.

“I’m part of a growing movement of black and brown parents who are discovering that these schools aren’t really educating our kids,” Davis said. “Instead, they focus on creating an oppressor versus oppressed mindset in our kids. They focus on how our kids look and how they should feel. Frankly , how our children feel should be left up to us, their parents. Schools should teach them reading, writing and arithmetic. If they don’t, our children will not succeed.

Because he often does the same, Wilburn finds himself increasingly threatened by white leftist activists. He recently quoted on his podcast the sophomore poem that an activist posted on the internet and read at a D-20 school board meeting. A sample:

“CRT don’t learn it’s a fight to the death, that’s true, but let’s talk about the past of the reds, whites and blues. The history of our country is tough, it’s bad, it’s full of divisions, of power games, it’s quite sad. – unknown author.

White activist Tymm Hoffman told Wilburn to calm down by sending him a cease and desist letter that feigned legal authority to prevent him from quoting a poem read in public. Wilburn responded with an email stating that “your request to cease and desist is summarily denied for the reasons briefly set forth below…”

“When we express our desire for our children to learn what they need, these activists do not hesitate to intimidate us into getting out of their way,” Wilburn said. ” It will not work. They are our children, not theirs.

Exactly. Minority parents know what is best for their children. Challenging the left, they demand that schools prepare their children for success. They don’t want angry, bitter young activists who have been taught to hate their country. They want their children to be active in the real world, succeeding with the benefits of traditional knowledge.


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