Energetic Catholic children’s show brings the faith of children ages 2-6 to life


“Marcam” is an engaging YouTube show designed to “excite young kids about Catholicism.”

Modern Catholic parents of young children often fail in the search for great children’s television shows. Parents want to make faith accessible and engaging for their children in their daily lives, and at the same time they want children’s media that matches their values.

That’s why a new children’s show, Marcam, fills a real unmet need in Catholic programming. Catholic writer and mom Emily Wilson created the show with her husband Daniel.

“There is a wide variety of media dedicated to evangelizing Catholic adults, but not much at all for Catholic children,” said Wilson. “There is a huge need among Catholic parents for high quality and engaging Catholic children’s media, which is currently sorely lacking.”

So what is it exactly Marcam? This is a live YouTube show designed specifically for Catholic children ages 2-6.

Through singing, dancing, and exploring (think “Blippi” levels of enthusiasm), energetic, inquisitive, and friendly animator Marcam helps children better understand and learn about the richness and depth of faith. Catholic by embarking on fun learning adventures.

For example, in one episode, Marcam visits a sacristy and is visited by the priest.

Marcam visits a sacristy! | Educational Catholic Videos for Kids

Marcam invites children to all kinds of places – churches, music studios, petting zoos, convents – while meeting fascinating real-life people who are on fire for Christ.


Wilson shared some of what inspired her to create the sweet and engaging series.

“We want young children to be enthusiastic about Catholicism from the start of their lives,” she says.

Watching Marcamyoung children can learn about sacred objects, sacraments, religious orders and more in a fun and exciting way that brings their faith to life.

“Ultimately, our goal is to Marcam to build up the Church with our youngest hearts, one episode at a time”, she says.

She was quick to reassure parents that they can count on Marcam for healthy and trustworthy content.

Marcam will always be fully in accordance with the Catholic Church,” she said. “It means so much to us as parents of two young boys who can no longer trust the networks, shows and movies that were once trustworthy in the past (when we were young)! It’s time to revolutionize media for Catholic children, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!”


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