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The personal exhibition of Marzia Ransom Between, created during the 2022 Summer Artist Residency at The Art Gallery at the University of West Florida, is a work inspired by an altarpiece she saw in Ghent, Belgium.

The altarpiece is a triptych, a work made up of three pieces or panels.

Ransom said the art of altarpieces began between 400 and 500 AD and she fell in love with the beauty of creation.

His triptych, once finished, will be double-sided.

The centerpiece is of Mary, the mother of Jesus, surrounded by seven of the apostles.

The triptychs generally form a narrative, and the message of it is eternal and broad.

“I love creating,” Ransom said. “I don’t work small.”

Ransom said she became interested in Catholicism because of the structure as well as ritual behavior.

“Mary, the mother of Jesus, is an intermediate entity,” Ransom said. “Her mother Saint Anne conceived Mary immaculately, then Mary conceived Jesus immaculately, so she is a woman in between.”

She said the story is in the Apocrypha.

“I don’t know what’s beyond that, but I need to create this type of work,” Ransom said.

The exhibition is presented until September 15 with a conference from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information, visit marzia.us or follow her on Instagram @marziaransom.


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