Father Eleftherios behaved and acted like a foreign body to the Orthodox Church


An advertisement for Fr. Eleftherios Tatsis has been published by the Bishops and Clergy of Victoria, which states, among other things, that after a series of canonical offenses to which Fr. Eleftherios Tatsis fell, the Archbishop of Australia was brought to the decision to suspend all his honorary titles, to withdraw his authority to spiritual fatherhood and the preaching of the divine Word, and called on him for an apology written for the canonical offenses into which he had fallen, as required by the regulations of the Holy Archdiocese.

In the old days, orthodoxtimes.com wrote on this, referring to the “clone” of Loupasakis in Melbourne.

This cleric has in recent years occupied the Archdiocese of Australia with his behavior, which was not appropriate for a cleric.

In his sermons he gave… medical advice, he was against vaccines and he spoke disrespectfully of the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Archbishop of Australia and the Metropolitans of the Church of Greece, presenting himself as the only “right” theologically and ecclesiastically.

Today’s decision by the Bishops of Victoria comes after they and the Archbishop of Australia have been patient on this issue, and after what was stated in the announcement, the Archbishop will not not showing the will to allow such phenomena to persist within the Church.

Read the announcement below:

It is with great sadness that we feel the need to take a stand on the issue of the inappropriate behavior of our fellow priest of the Holy Archdiocese, Father Eleftherios Tatsis, who for several months has publicly attacked both our Patriarch and our Archbishop , as well as we – the bishops and clergy who serve in Melbourne and in the state of Victoria – essentially attacking the whole Church and having fallen into a series of canonical offenses.

Our Holy Archdiocese recently issued a statement informing the faithful of the attitude and behavior of Father Eleftherios and detailing the events that have unfolded over the past few months, as well as indicative public statements that document his sad deviation from the canons of the Church and an Orthodox ethic and mindset. The statement ended with a wish that God would enlighten him and grant him a repentant spirit and return home.

Unfortunately, Father Eleftherios’ demonic ego, probably fueled by the selfish motives of the people around him, did not allow him to walk the path of peace and repentance, but instead pushed him into a new cycle. aggressive rhetoric against the Church and engaged in other canonical misconduct.

His Eminence, our Archbishop, reflecting on Father Eleftherios’ many years of ministry in the local Church – not, of course, greater in comparison to the ministry of many other clergy who have contributed in the same way, if not more, without fanfare and without deifying themselves and without discrediting bishops and other clergy – showed from the beginning a sincere disposition of understanding for the sake of harmony.

However, our Archbishop’s disposition has been met with ever-escalating aggressive behavior on the part of Fr. Eleftherios, typical of the letter he sent to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, falsely denouncing his ecclesiastical authority.

Said letter was returned by the Patriarch to Father Eleftherios as unacceptable and contrary to the canonical order of the Church.

It was the Patriarch’s decision to then impose Father Eleftherios with the penalty of removing his title of Oikonomos from the Ecumenical Throne. It is therefore clear that Father Eleftherios himself, with his inappropriate and offensive behavior, caused the developments which led to the imposition of the sentence of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, while our holy Archdiocese and our Archbishop have shown patience and were silent, awaiting his repentance and return.

As a consequence of the above developments, His Eminence our Archbishop has been brought to the decision to suspend all honorary titles of Father Eleftherios, the removal of the authority of spiritual paternity and the preaching of the divine Word, and the request written apologies for the canonical offenses into which he had fallen, as defined by the regulations of the Holy Archdiocese.

To the disappointment of all of us, our priest brother who is censured for his misdeeds, by a letter to the archbishop and by the sermon he delivered anti-canonically on Sunday, October 2, not only did not respond to the substance of the issues for which he was called to apologize but persisted in the tactic of praising and self-deifying, slandering the Archbishop as well as us bishops and clergy, and reaching the point to issue threats against our Archbishop, for which justice may be sought.

In conclusion, the announcement of his resignation from office, although it saddens us that a member is removed from the Body of the Church, we nevertheless consider it the most appropriate solution for the sake of peace and maintenance of the spirit of unity, given the conditions caused by Father Eleftherios, who for a long time behaved and acted as a foreign body to the Orthodox Church, having consciously chosen the path of autonomy.

We, the bishops and clergy who serve the Greek Orthodox people of Victoria, renew our commitment to work with dedication for the needs of the Christ-fulfillment of our holy archdiocese, to follow the holy canons and to obey the decisions of the mother Church. and our Archbishop and, above all, to respect each other, as well as towards all those who, over time, have worked for the progress of Orthodoxy and Hellenism on the fifth continent.

Since in this struggle no one is spared and no one is excluded, we declare that we will not stop praying for Father Eleftherios, imploring God to enlighten him and that his steps be directed towards the return to the Orthodox Church. canonical, in a spirit of love, unity and mutual respect.


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