Historic Duck Lake Church to be dismantled


“It has to happen, but there is no set date for it to happen. It kind of depends on the funds and the availability of contractors,” he said.

Once the building is removed, it will be replaced with a memorial plaque, but the cemetery will be continuously maintained by church volunteers or contractors until the province or city takes over.

“Yes, it was a historic building, but it’s in such disrepair, decay and damage that it’s beyond salvage in its current state,” Parsons said.

All the windows have been smashed, the smell of pigeons is overpowering and the building is crumbling on its foundations.

The cemetery is still an operational facility although no one has been buried there recently.

The final service in the building took place in 2018 and there are no more parishioners who would regularly attend.

The family that looked after the property can no longer do so, Parsons explained.

The church is ready to share pieces of the remaining building with those who would like to salvage the wooden elements.

“There’s a lot of wood in there that could be reused,” Parsons said. “It would be great if someone came to take the wood and take it apart. They could have it. If it can be reused, that would be wonderful.

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