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Over the last century and more people have come from all over the world not to replace those who were already there but to join the team. English Protestants did not build America on their own, and our history books should accurately record every achievement. John Paul Jones no more replaced an American captain than Andrew Carnegie replaced an American businessman. Albert Einstein did not replace an American physicist and Charlene Theron did not replace an American actor.

There are more and more groups that want to blame immigrants and each group can misuse demographic data to show how they are being “replaced”. Immigrants do not come to “replace” but to join. It’s the addition of other groups with other strengths like these people who, for being willing to endure the hardships of moving for life and the freedoms we enjoy, have made us the envy of the world. Working together makes us stronger (“On this July 4, can the United States reconcile its immigrant roots with its anti-immigrant policy?”, June 29).

By mid-century, descendants of white Europeans, especially English, will be a minority, though still the largest, in America. But the country will be stronger and better prepared for another few hundred years.

—James Martin, Middle River

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