Irish Eurovision star Brooke Scullion proclaims ‘Girl power is back!’


Irish Eurovision singer Brooke Scullion proudly proclaims, “Girl power is back!”

he gorgeous 23-year-old Derry girl from Ballaghy has chosen four sexy dancers to help her perform a sizzling version of her track ‘That’s Rich’.

“It’s not about ‘boys not allowed’, it’s just about independence and because I’m a woman we have dancers,” she told the Sunday World. ‘ on stage with her.

“It’s about being safe in yourself. They’re stunning and they add so much to the performance, they elevate it and give it depth and give it something really fun to watch.

“I really think my outfit really looks like a superhero and you want to be a superhero in your own story, you don’t decide that’s anything less than what you deserve. So beat it you for yourself, fight for what you want, don’t let anyone put you down, don’t let anyone tell you to do or not to do, wear or say.”

Brooke, from Bellaghy is Co. Derry, is also delighted that people in the North can vote for Ireland’s entry, as UK viewers are eligible to vote in the second semi-final on Thursday, in which she is inserted for .

“People from the North can vote in this semi-final, which is really important,” she confirms.

“The UK can vote in my semi-final on May 12, which means Northern Ireland is eligible to vote, which is amazing, and I really hope people support it.

“It’s so different from anything Ireland has ever produced, not even in recent years, and I’m really excited about it.”

She hopes she will qualify for the final next Saturday and give her best.


Brooke Scullion with her backup singers at the airport

Brooke Scullion with her backup singers at the airport

“I’m not sure to make the final, nothing is certain,” she admits. “I am convinced that I will put in a good performance.

“I am confident that I will not let myself down or let the country down.”

Brooke came third on The Voice UK two years ago, when her coach was ‘All about the base’ singer Meghan Trainor. But his life was put on hold because of Covid.

“I’m so humble on stage, I haven’t sung in two years,” she says.

“I had to find a job in a real estate agency. I had to find a job after The Voice, because I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have my own music, I had a repertoire, I had no way to make music outside of Ireland.

“I’m grateful for everything I have, because it’s amazing. I’ve got music ready to go out that’s coming out two weeks after Eurovision, it’s better than ‘That’s Rich,’ because ‘ That’s Rich’ is the first song I wrote I heard two songs yesterday that I cried [listening to]. I’m going to hold on to everything I have.”

Brooke disdains bookmakers who don’t give her much luck.

“A lot of things I don’t really watch. They didn’t say I was going to win the Eurosong and look at me now,” she says.

“Everything changes in no time. My life changed in no time. I don’t care, I don’t mind. They can say whatever they want.”

Brooke will have a large Co. Derry contingent flying out to cheer her on in Turin.

“There are 30 people coming. A pair of twins who are very young and will have no idea. They will have no idea they are going to Eurovision, they are just children,” she laughs .

Brooke was an extra in series two of Derry Girls and has a speaking role during the famous scene where students are challenged to find similarities and differences between Catholics and Protestants.

“I had a line: ‘Protestants love cleaning,'” she smiles. “Jamie Lee O’Donnell (Michelle Mallon) follows me on Instagram and I follow her back.”

When asked if there’s a romance or someone special in her life, she shyly replies, “My niece, my cat. Those are my special things. You have no idea what he’s got.” means to me.

“He needs to be vaccinated, so I have to call the vet. He makes me a better person. He definitely made me!”

You can catch the Ireland and Brooke semi-final on Thursday at 8 p.m. on RTÉ2/BBC3.

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