Letter: Catholics must support septic abortions | Letters to the Editor


Regarding “Growth of Catholic Hospitals Impacts Reproductive Health Care” (July 24): I am concerned about the threats to women’s lives posed by abortions attempted by unqualified providers. As a Catholic, I think the anti-abortion group Campaign Life Missouri should pressure Catholic hospitals to take the lead in providing care for women who have had septic abortions.

Restricting access to abortion care increases the risk of maternal mortality. Recently, when pregnant women arrived bleeding, ‘chaos’ was documented in emergency departments.

Campaign Life Missouri’s efforts are being applauded by those lobbying billion-dollar faith-based investment funds to divest from companies offering money to employees to travel for health care ‘abortion. Its director, Samuel Lee, should recognize that limiting access to safe abortions in neighboring states will directly lead to more septic abortions.

Lee speaks for a minority of Missouri taxpayers when he seeks to further limit access to safe abortion care. I suspect a majority of Missourians and Catholics are offended by his arrogant attempts to speak for us. He speaks for the minority of taxpayers and Catholics who believe it is acceptable to impose their interpretation of the faith on the American people.

JS Kemp, MD • Saint Louis


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