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The Loudoun County School Board in Virginia shocked the world when its coverage of an alleged student rapist became public. Equally appalling was the school board’s treatment of the victim and her father. As someone who has spent the past three years dealing with the Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse scandal and its equally scandalous cover-up in the Catholic Church, I have only one thing to say to the school board of the Loudoun County: gang. No one feels the slightest sympathy for the Catholic leaders who have tolerated the abuse. No one will feel sympathy for you.

Let’s go over the issues and compare the two cases:

The Catholic clergy have a history of adults sexually assaulting minors.

Loudoun County Public Schools now have a history of students attacking each other, with a growing list of suspected incidents.

A student in a skirt allegedly raped a third-grade girl in the school bathroom. The school board did nothing.

The Catholic hierarchy has a habit of covering up such crimes, apparently believing that the protection of the institution is more important than justice for the victims and the protection of potential future victims.

Now Loudoun County has created exactly the same reputation for itself.

Scott Smith, the victim’s father, went to school, believing his daughter had been beaten. He discovered that the crime committed against her was much more serious: a sexual assault. He was told that the school “was handling the incident internally”.

According to an extensive Daily Wire investigation, “Smith was stunned. Sheriff’s office deputies finally answered the school – not to investigate the alleged rape of a child, Smith said, but because school administrators called them to him for making a scene about it.

A few weeks later, the school board was debating a “transgender” policy that many parents opposed, including Smith. He was forcibly expelled from the public school board meeting. The school board has apparently placed a higher priority on adopting this “transgender” policy than on protecting female students from students in skirts.

The authorities of the Catholic Church sometimes move the culprits of the clergy to another parish. These perpetrators frequently abuse other children.

The predatory student who assaulted Smith’s daughter was transferred to another school, where he assaulted another girl a few months later.

Sometimes the Catholic authorities treat the victims and their families horribly. The reputation of the victims is tarnished in the community. They are made to feel that they have done something wrong. Victims sometimes feel like they have been victimized a second time.

The Loudoun County School Board and those who support it did just that to Smith. They tarnished his reputation, portraying him as a “domestic terrorist” in a video that went viral around the world. Buta Biberaj, the county’s most elected “progressive” prosecutor, who has close ties to the more liberal members of the school board, has appeared in court personally to prosecute Smith for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Biberaj ran on a platform to end “mass incarceration,” but she wanted to put Smith in jail for these offenses.

During the public debate on transgender politics, the gas lighting by the school board was really shocking. From the podium, Beth Barts, a school board member, said, “Our students don’t need protection and they’re not in danger,” she said. “Do we regularly have assaults in our bathrooms or our locker rooms? Superintendent Scott Ziegler replied, “To my knowledge, we have no record of assaults in our washrooms. ”

The Daily Wire briefing showed that these school officials knew they had recorded exactly such an assault.

The public is fed up with clergy sexual abuse and cover-up scandals. Loudoun County School Board and Other Sex Revolutionaries: People are sick of you. Covering up the rape of a minor (and moving the abuser to another school) so that you can pass your precious transgender policy – it’s despicable.

People who think they are “progressives” like to hate the Catholic Church for one reason and only one: the Church is the last institution on earth that, at least on paper, resists the sexual revolution. But the secular world certainly has its own issues of sexual abuse.

This particular incident of covering up sexual abuse is not the only case of problems in public schools: According to one estimate, 10% of high school students will experience some form of sexual abuse in school. “Passing the Trash” takes place in public schools as well as in churches. The United Nations has sex abuse scandals that they only deal with superficially. There are serial predators in sports, in Hollywood, in the media – even in classical music. Memo to Sexual Revolutionaries: Crying crocodile tears over victims of Catholic priests while covering all other victims runs out. People are fed up.

Sooner or later the clear teaching of the Catholic Church will prevail over your tortured and incoherent ideology. In fact, Church doctrine will triumph over the pathetic excuse of the practice of many in the Church. Let me explain this doctrine to you, just to be perfectly clear, as some self-identified Catholics are actively confusing:

· Only have sex with the person you are married to. Otherwise, keep your hands to yourself.

· Get ​​married and stay married, unless someone does something really horrible. And even then you can move out, but do not remarry. It’s not my rule. This is the rule of Jesus. (After all, if the innocent spouse can remarry, so can the guilty spouse. The abusive and difficult person may continue to abuse and be difficult for another family. What is the net gain from our serial polygamy system that carries the name of “no-fault divorce?”)

This social-sexual protection protects everyone more effectively than all competing systems. She ensures as well as one can do in this fallen world:

· For each child, a mother and a father.

· For each man, one and only one woman, for life.

· For each wife, one and only one husband, for life.

The traditional sexual teaching of the Catholic Church is the common heritage of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition. Observing the traditional sexual teaching of the Catholic Church would solve many problems. And ultimately, this teaching will prevail.

Loudoun County School Board, you and your kind are on the wrong side of history.


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