Machine Gun Kelly’s tour bus is vandalized with a homophobic slur, then takes revenge


Machine Gun Kelly is currently on his Mainstream sold-out tourand this week he went to Omaha, Nebraska, where he appears to be unpopular with homophobes, simply because his tour bus was sprayed with one of the worst slurs that associated Catholic beliefs with the homophobia.

Rap Devil F*ggot

On the side of the bus, someone sprayed”Rap Devil F*ggot“and then they drew a penis while ejaculating, shortly after his staff fixed the problem since there was no permanent problem in the bus, however, during his concert, he made the perfect comeback .

While he was playing, he stopped to deal with the situation

“What fucking king sucks and can’t do his job right and sucks?” he rhetorically asked onlookers “The guy who drew a dick on my bus this morning. Because one: you did the wrong bus… two: it’s my cat’s bus… three: and the more importantly, my dick is way bigger than that dick you drew.”

He then went to Instagram and continued there

“You’re so stupid, you spray painted a bus thinking it was my bus. You idiot, do the first part of the crime right.”

They waited until 5 a.m. to do the deed

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He also mentioned that “I was on the buses until 4:30 a.m. which means you waited until 5 a.m. to spray paint a dick… They washed it before you even I don’t see it. Isn’t it sad? I couldn’t even enjoy it.

Power Rangers

Machine Gun Kelly travels in style with four buses on his tour, he candidly calls them the Power Rangers due to the variety of colors on the buses.

He will continue the tour that has made people talk about him in the city.


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