Nigeria needs 3rd force, APC and PDP have failed – Anglican Primate


The Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Bishop Henry Ndukuba said yesterday that Nigeria needs a third force to break through the political quagmire in the country.

He added that major political parties have failed and taken Nigerians for granted, pointing out that there are other viable alternatives if proper and sincere negotiations are conducted.

The Primate said this during the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion of the Church in Nigeria, themed “Your kingdom come, your will be done”, which was held in Abuja.

The cleric kicked against the same faith ticket.

Ndukuba further postulated that a political fusion between northern and southern parties across tribal, religious and ideological divides, having good grassroots and youth connectivity, will be a game-changer. He said no party has all the solutions to national challenges.

“Activities for the 2023 general elections are resuming. It is necessary to strengthen and restore internal democracy in political parties. What is most disturbing is the insensitivity and the show of impunity of our political leaders, in particular in the two major major parties. One situation where the ruling Party, the APC, disregards the religious sensitivities of the citizens of this Nation is to deliberately hurt a cross section of our citizens. For Christians, it is an affront that shows that what is most feared is being done.

“The Muslim-Muslim ticket is a recipe for Islamization. If imposed on this nation, religious and social discrimination and open public application of Sharia will be practiced in parts of this country. Nigeria as we know it will cease to exist and those who say it doesn’t matter must be prepared to fight the terrorists who will take it beyond their so called civilized understanding.



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