Pastor accuses ‘fake’ President Joe Biden of darkening souls with lies


A popular pastor at a church in Omaha, Nebraska railed against the media and President Joe Biden on Sunday, saying “the bogus administration we call president lied to you.”

Hank Kunneman, who is senior pastor at Lord of Hosts Church and co-founder of One Voice Ministries, made the comments during a church service. Along with his wife, Brenda Kunneman, he is also a co-host of a television show on the Christian religious network Daystar.

Kunneman’s website states that his “ministry has been marked with incredible precision in the word of knowledge and prophecy concerning nations and world events.”

In 2020, he incorrectly predicted former President Donald Trump would be re-elected. Kunneman claimed last summer that Trump had yet to be reinstated in the White House because God wanted to make the prophets believe wrong. He also said God is using Biden’s time in office to test the faith of Christians.

“Do you know why some people don’t think America can be saved? he told his congregation on Sunday. “Because you listen and fill your soul with the media, social media, high tech that has lied to you. And this fake administration we call president has lied to you, and you listen so much it’s darkened your soul, and you don’t understand Jesus standing there, just like he was with Mary.”

Hank Kunneman, a prominent Christian pastor, has accused President Joe Biden of being a liar who has “darkened” people’s souls.

Kunneman has made controversial statements in the past, including on the coronavirus. In February 2020, he said Americans would be saved because the Trump administration had “aligned” with the good side of life.

“Listen to the words that I speak to you at this moment, says the living God. Why do you fear, United States? For I have already spoken to you, and I will speak to you again. I have extended and opened a window of mercy to this nation right now,” Kunneman said during the 2020 service. quarantine that will be bigger than what they told you about, USA.”

Kunneman added: “And because of the administration that is standing in this country, which honors me, which honors the covenants of your ancestors and the Constitution. And because they have aligned themselves with Israel and because they took the right side of life – life in the womb, life given out of the womb – there I give life to this nation and I give mercy.”

Kunneman is among many church and Christian leaders who support the former president. A large percentage of conservative Christians, especially white evangelicals, voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.

The Pew Research Center found that 85% of white evangelical Protestant voters who said they attend church services once a month or more voted for Trump in 2020, while 81% who said they attend church a few times a year or less also supported it.

Trump won the vote with most white Christian denominations, although he and Biden were nearly split between white Catholics. Biden fared far better than Trump among black Protestants, garnering 91% of the vote from that demographic. He also won with atheists/agnostics (86%) and those who said they were unaffiliated (71%).

Among voters belonging to non-Christian faiths — including Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others — 64% voted for Biden, according to Pew.

Newsweek reached out to Kunneman, Biden and Trump for comment.


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