Peace Memorial campaigner Jim Forest rescheduled to Saturday


This month of January saw the death of peace activist Jim Forest. He may be best remembered as a member of the Milwaukee 14, who slipped into the office of the downtown Milwaukee selection committee, burned draft records in a bonfire at the outside and waited to be arrested. Forest and his companions were sentenced to two years in prison.

They planned their action at Casa Maria, the Milwaukee home of Catholic workers, a movement highlighting the radical social implications of the teachings of Jesus generally ignored by Christianity. Forest converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in the 1980s and founded the Orthodox Peace Fellowship, an international group seeking to apply the deepest principles of their faith to resolve divisions and conflicts between individuals and between societies and nations.

A memorial for Forest scheduled for Feb. 19 at Saints Cyril & Methodious Orthodox Church, 2515 S. 30th St., was canceled when the church’s oven failed. It has been rescheduled at the same location for 4:30 p.m., Saturday, March 5.

David Luhrssen

David Luhrssen has taught at UWM and MIAD. He is the author of The Vietnam War on Film, Encyclopedia of Classic Rock and Hammer of the Gods: Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism.

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March 04, 2022



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