Rebel Wilson this time she locked a teacher in a closet for hours


Rebel Wilson hasn’t always been the actress we know for showing off her physical acting skills in hits like Perfect, bridesmaids, isn’t it romantic, and more. If you knew what her high school days were like, you would see that her stage name suits her well. While publicizing her new role in the upcoming Netflix movie secondary year, Rebel Wilson talks about the time she locked a teacher in a closet for hours.

You might think the boarding school pranks you’d see on teen shows like Zoe 101 or looking for alaska are a work of fiction. Rebel Wilson proves the opposite by remembering his adolescence. On Jimmy Kimmel LiveRebel Wilson has shared that she went to Tara Anglican School for Girls and was a real “mastermind” pulling a prank on a teacher she didn’t like.

I was smart in school but I was also a bit cheeky. So, at the boarding house, I organized the escapes because there was a school for boys next door. And we had bars on our windows, it was that kind of a good Christian school. And I would organize the take-out escapes, and I would find all the access codes for the alarms. And then once I locked a teacher in a closet for four hours. Because she was a bad teacher! And it was really good revenge.

Talk about a serious prank. But how exactly did a young Rebel Wilson manage to outsmart her teacher at boarding school? She then explained how the teenage coup happened, saying:

We said ‘Oh there’s something in the closet, Miss!’ And then we pushed it in and locked it. I know it’s a little bad, I feel a little bad now. She cried. But she could never tell which girl it was that pushed her. So they would line us up and say ‘Which one was that?’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t say anything, guys. Do not say anything. And no one reported me.

Well, looks like this teacher might have an idea now who made her cry. Or would curiosity get the better of her to watch her former student watch fit and fabulous in her latest film Secondary year? This upcoming movie is about a high school cheerleader who had it all but a cheerleading stunt to put her in a coma for twenty years. After waking up, she decides to finish her senior year despite being in her late thirties. This means his character will have a hard time understanding how social media works and revisiting his cheerleading days again. As wacky as this plotline might be, we’re sure it’ll be about as entertaining as Rebel Wilson’s latest film when his character landed in a full rom-com in Isn’t that romantic.

When the the trailer was released for Secondary year, it was an opportunity for fans and former classmates to see Rebel Wilson’s new look. During the pandemic, the Bridesmaids the actress said 2020 would be her “Year of health.” She began to lose weight while working on Cats using the Mayr Method diet which focuses on vegetables and protein-rich foods. In November of that year, she lost 75 pounds. Looks like no one can call her “Fat Amy” anymore, huh? Maybe she new nickname can be something like “Fit Amy” or “Twig Bitch” like her Perfect character used to call out the skinny cast members?

While Rebel Wilson is out of school, you can see her revisit her teenage years in her new film. It will especially give him nostalgia if his character pulls sly pranks during the movie. Be sure to browse your Netflix subscription for Secondary year May 13.


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