Republican Vance declared winner of tight U.S. Senate race in Ohio


A venture capitalist and Navy veteran who grew up in Middletown, Ohio, Vance rose to national prominence with his bestselling 2016 memoir “Hillbilly Elegy,” which chronicles poverty and other societal ills. he observed in the society in which he grew up. campaign, Vance touted his endorsement of former President Donald Trump, whom he had previously criticized but embraced in recent years.

Ryan has represented the working-class town of Youngstown in Congress since 2003 and ran an unsuccessful bid for president from April to October 2019. Ryan won the vote in most major metro areas in Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland , while a substantial majority of the state’s more rural counties voted for Vance, placing him above.

Vance describes himself as “100% pro-life” on abortion while taking a tougher stance on issues such as immigration. In economic policy, he pledged to use tax cuts to keep businesses in the United States and to try to control government spending.

A EWTN poll conducted last month showed Vance enjoys an overall lead among Catholics — 55.5% of likely Catholic voters in Ohio said they supported Vance, while 41% backed Ryan. Predictably, Vance captured a majority of Catholic voters in the Cincinnati area, where he grew up; and Ryan has the edge in the Youngstown area, where he has been active in politics for decades.

Voters in the EWTN poll practice their Catholic faith to varying degrees. Breaking down the results by Mass attendance, Vance was most popular among Catholics who say they attend Mass daily, with nine in 10 saying they plan to support him. Ryan captured the majority of Catholics who attend once a year or less.

Moreover, based on whether they agree with the teachings of the Church, Ryan was the preferred candidate among those who consider themselves “former Catholics”, two-thirds of whom said they would vote for him. Nine out of 10 Catholics who say they agree with all of the Church’s teachings said they would support Vance.


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