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If there were any doubts about President Biden’s commitment to abortion rights, he crushed them on Friday.

Biden slammed the Supreme Court, declaring that its decision to annul the right to abortion was not “a constitutional judgment”; instead, he argued, it was “an exercise in raw political power”. And he brought the legal and historical receipts, accurately accusing the court of “playing fast and loose with the facts.” As he noted, “As of 150 years ago, common law and many state statutes did not criminalize abortion in early pregnancy, which is very similar to the viability line drawn by deer.”

Biden was on the right track when he said “the court has made it clear that he will not protect women’s rights, period.” He added that the decision “practically challenges American women to go to the polls and restore the very rights they have just been stripped of.”

While Democrats and other women’s rights advocates have been furious at Biden’s rhetorical reluctance so far, there should be no argument that the immediate solution at the federal level is to produce mid-term Democratic majorities that will codify deer c. Wade and, in the Senate, provide an exception for filibuster to restore women’s human rights. Biden has issued several executive orders on the issue, such as protecting interstate travel and access to FDA-approved abortion drugs, but critics are far from imagining there is a reserve of executive powers. that can override the Supreme Court and state law.

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Biden is correct that the best solution is to elevate the abortion issue in House and Senate elections (as Democrats in House and Senate races have been quick to do). He drew the nation’s attention to the cruel efforts of Republicans to impose abortion bans at the state level – and then take the crusade nationwide.

“These are the laws that not only put women’s lives at risk, they are the laws that will cost lives,” he said. “And in a number of those states, the laws are so extreme that they have raised the threat of criminal penalties for doctors and health care providers. They are so extreme that many do not allow exceptions, even for rape or incest. He showed real anger as he told the story of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who was forced out of state to have an abortion. “I can’t imagine anything more extreme,” he said.

Biden and the Democrats are on solid political ground to keep the focus on this issue. A recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute found that 65% of the country thinks abortion should be legal in all or most situations. The outlier is the white, evangelical Protestant base of the GOP, with only 25% of that population saying the same thing. “In contrast,” the poll reports, “64 percent of white Catholics, 69 percent of white (non-evangelical) Protestants, 75 percent of black Protestants, 75 percent of Hispanic Catholics, 82 percent of non-Christian religious Americans, and 84 percent of Americans without religious affiliation support the legality of abortion in most or all cases.

Moreover, the intensity is on the side of the right to abortion:

In a substantial reversal, slightly more Americans who say abortion should be legal in most or all cases also say they will only vote for a candidate who shares their views (34%) than those who say that it should be illegal in most or all cases. (31%). …

The same trend is apparent by party affiliation, with Democrats becoming more active on the issue. Immediately after the Dobbs decision, 43% of Democrats say they will only vote for a candidate who shares their views on abortion, up from 17% in fall 2020. Independents have become eleven percentage points more likely to say they will. only vote for a candidate who shares their views on abortion (25% vs. 14% in 2020), but Republicans held steady (31% vs. 32% in 2020).

A recent Pew Research Center survey shows that, contrary to previous poll data, women are much more supportive of abortion rights than men. Poll director Jocelyn Kiley tells me: “In this new survey conducted from July 27 to July 4, we find that two-thirds of women (66%) say abortion should be legal in most or all cases, against a narrower majority (57%) of men.” That’s a far cry from the past decade, when there was “little to no overall gender gap,” says Kiley. Democrats would do well to draw attention to women voters who now find themselves constitutionally in the world of 1868, as misinterpreted by the historically handpicked Dobbs decision.

The wave of forced birth fanaticism in the Supreme Court and state legislatures illustrates the Christian nationalist view that government should impose religious values ​​(eg, personality begins at conception) on others, regardless of decades of precedent and the moral, social, and political values ​​of modern America. There is no better example than Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R), who declared Thursday: “Today we wake up in a state where the doors of the church are open and the doors of the abortion clinic are closed. All the Glory to God the Father! Amen!”

This sentiment is completely contrary to the First Amendment and our democratic commitment to a pluralistic society. The country will go further down the road of Christian nationalism unless the American people reject this theocratic crusade.

Biden is correct in his assessment that neither the Supreme Court nor the Republicans who have pushed their extreme agenda for decades “have a clue about the power of American women.” If Biden correctly predicted that Americans “will show up in record numbers to claim the rights” that the court erased, the midterm red wave Republicans had been banking on could evaporate. That’s what happens when they treat women like useless brooders.


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