Six in 10 Americans think Congress is out of touch with climate change: poll


United States Capitol in Washington, DC, framed by storm clouds in May 2021.Drew Angerer/Getty Images

  • A majority of Americans think Congress is “out of touch” with climate change, according to a new poll.

  • Adults who strongly disapprove of President Joe Biden’s work were the most likely to think Congress is “out of touch.”

  • Adults who strongly endorse Biden’s work were the most likely to think Congress is “in touch” with climate change.

A majority of American adults think Congress is out of touch with climate change, a new Insider/Morning Consult poll found.

About six in 10 adults surveyed said they thought Congress was “very out of touch” or “somewhat out of touch,” according to the poll.

Which group most thought Congress was out of touch with climate change? People who strongly disapprove of Joe Biden’s work as president.

Climate change has been one of the top issues on Biden’s agenda.

Since entering the White House, he has joined the Paris Climate Accord, passed an infrastructure bill that includes new federal investments for next-generation clean energy projects, expanded the network electricity for renewable energy and announced the first round of funding for a national electric vehicle recharge. network.

More than half of every demographic group surveyed believe Congress is out of touch with climate change. The exceptions: male Democrats, religious non-Protestants/Catholics, non-Christians, and people who strongly endorse President Joe Biden’s work in general.

But when broken down by age group, all age groups from 18 to 24 to 75 and older thought Congress was not doing a good job on climate.

The survey is part of Insider’s “Red, white and gray“, which explores the ongoing gerontocracy in the United States and its ramifications for a younger generation.

Furthermore, a recent study by Pew Research Center found that Americans are divided on the direction of Biden’s climate change policies: About half of American adults surveyed say the Biden administration’s climate change policies are moving the country in the right direction, while almost as many say that the policies are taking the country in the right direction. Wrong direction.

The partisan divide goes much deeper in Congress, with more than eight in 10 Republicans and independents leaning toward the GOP saying Biden’s climate policies are taking the country in the wrong direction and nearly eight in 10 Democrats and Democrats saying that Biden is moving the country forward. the right direction on climate policy.

The Insider/Morning Consult survey was conducted September 8-10 and had 2,210 respondents and a margin of error of +/- 2 percentage points.

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