Spring 2022: A Story of Art, History, Science and Worship | Notre Dame Review


by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Featured at the entrance to the Notre-Dame art museum for decades is the 500-year-old statue of Jacopo Sansovino Madonna and Child received a thorough makeover for its move to the future Raclin-Murphy.

by Gerard Thomas Straub

Vincent van Gogh brought a plus to the canvas when he painted the wheat fields of Auvers-sur-Oise.

by Joseph Lewis Heil ’59

There have been many twists and turns in Gerry Straub’s odyssey from Hollywood to Haiti. He’s still working on the happy ending.

by Eric Zorn

Bill Ryan ’56 is one of the few to have answered the biblical call to visit those who are in prison, and thus do for Jesus by doing for the least among us.

by Chris Baglow

It is time to convert the debate between science and faith into a dialogue of mutual enrichment.

by Margaret Fosmoe ’85

Dan Dosmann’s collection of postcards features campus scenes from days gone by.

by Steve Adams

Something happened that day by the river and it took me a long time to get over it.

by Michael C. Desch

In a world at war, and wars rarely being a real solution, the nuclear weapons stalemate was a realistic compromise between Catholicism‘s pacifism and its just war theory.

with Maryanne Wolf

A conversation about the rewards of reading and the risks of disinterest


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