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To resort to personal loans to finance a communion is the alternative that we need to face the great economic outlay that supposes. Communions have become expected social events that cost families an expense of almost € 2,500 per child, according to a study by the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (FUCI), where the banquet takes half of the budget, followed by the photographic report and the gifts.
Many families who want to celebrate this day find that they do not have sufficient savings or liquidity. Luckily there are solutions for not having to give up the expected event, such as resorting to a loan to finance a communion.

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Thanks to the no checks payday loans we can face the big day without worrying about the budget and paying the expenses of the communion in comfortable installments.

There are several types of funding for communions. Choosing between one or the other will depend on each economic situation and the expenses that you want to face. Below are the best alternatives for each case:


If the expenses have caught us off guard or are higher than we expected and we need fast money to pay all the expenses related to communion our solution is a quick loan. Their deadlines to return the money usually do not exceed the month, grant up to € 800 and we will have the money in our account almost immediately. It is perfect for an unforeseen expense that we must solve immediately. Their conditions are a little looser to those of personal bank loans, we can even request mini-loans without endorsement and without payroll.

Quick loans

If we need total funding for communion and a mini-loan is not enough for the liquidity we need, fast personal loans will be the best option. It’s the kind of loan with the most offers. They will grant us a higher amount to a mini-credit and a longer term to return it. Both banks and private entities grant personal loans. If we do not have too much time for all the paperwork involved in applying for a loan, private lenders have many personal loan options totally online and with the money in our account in less than 48 hours.

Payroll Advances

If we still have a lot to plan and we see that the payments are accumulating, another alternative is a payroll advance. They offer up to three times your payroll, depending on our economic condition and our history. It allows us to receive a higher amount than a mini-credit, but only people who have a payroll account linked to the bank can access this type of loan.