The return of the Anglican Thanksgiving Bazaar


The Anglican Thanksgiving Bazaar is among new public events in Saint Lucia as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on mass events have been lifted.

The all-day bazaar will take place on Monday 3rd October from 10.00am in the grounds of the Anglican Church on Holy Trinity Church Road under the theme ‘Tout moun annou wemecier Bon Dieux’.

The Anglican Bazaar is well known for selling farm produce, its Thanksgiving breakfast, typical St. Lucian treats, and sumptuous lunch offerings. The bazaar is the main fundraiser for the Anglican community and the funds are used to undertake the general upkeep, maintenance and overall mission of the church.

Proceeds from this harvest sale are donated to charitable causes such as feeding the poor, food hampers for the homeless and the elderly, and helping with school uniforms for children in need. While bazaar activities are rooted in Anglican traditions of thanksgiving, this year’s celebrations will be infused with live performances by a folk band, old-fashioned games and modern entertainment such as karaoke. and fashion shows.

Special arrangements have been made for children with the provision of a children’s play area. Harvest celebrations date back to 1932 in the British colony of Saint Lucia, when a proclamation was issued by Acting Administrator His Honor Herbert John Pink, which declared Thanksgiving Day to be to give thanks for a harvest successful.

Although the Proclamation decreed the observance of Thanksgiving by all churches and the general populace, the day has been maintained primarily by the Anglican Church and is normally observed on the first Monday in October, which remained a holiday.


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