“Vaccines carry tiny knives that cut your veins from the inside”: Romania’s poisonous anti-vaccine movement



They also claim that even though they personally knew people who had died from the virus, they believe their deaths were caused by complications from the vaccine rather than the virus.

In the extreme, people believe the virus to be a biological weapon created by the United States to depopulate the planet, or a tool to control the masses, while vaccinations are filled with substances that can make you or even you infertile. to kill.

“Vaccines contain a layer of graphene that contains tiny knives that cut your veins from the inside,” protester Ioana Banda Claudia, from the eastern city of Timisoara, said.

Mr Simion’s AUR, Romania’s fourth largest party although it was only founded in 2019, played on popular cynicism by using well-worn rhetoric about the threat the restrictions pose to personal freedom, while not opposing vaccines.

Others, like influential MP Diana Sosoaca, a lawyer and former AUR member known for her flamboyant stunts such as wearing a muzzle in parliament to protest face masks, have been more publicly critical.

In September, Sosoaca was the subject of a police investigation after she blocked vehicles carrying people to be vaccinated in a town in the north of the country.

Speaking from his parliamentary office a week before the protest, Mr Simion – who is not vaccinated – said his party was “pro-choice”, echoing the language of anti-abortion activists.

He said they oppose the imposition of what they see as compulsory vaccination in the form of the Green Pass, a health certificate that is currently required to enter indoor public spaces such as bars. and restaurants.

The shadow of communism remained at the center of his party’s convictions, he said.

“We lived in a communist regime where it was normal and everyone knew the state didn’t want you to be okay. We think this about our current government – that they don’t want us to be healthy or in good shape, ”he said. “This is why a majority of the Romanian population does not want to be vaccinated.”

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