Vietnamese nurseries promote humanity during pandemic


Two parishes in Vietnam have erected special nurseries – one with a model of a field hospital and the other made from old tires – calling on people to show human love to those in need during the pandemic of Covid-19.

Catholics in Ganh Hao Parish recently made a fantastic model of a hospital for Covid-19 patients in front of their church as a Christmas crib. The parish, in the Dong Hai district of the southern province of Bac Lieu, serves 1,000 Catholics who fish with nets at sea and trade them for a living. The large colorful crib is called Ganh Hao Hospital of Love.

Father Joseph Nguyen Van Truc, pastor of Ganh Hao Church, said everyone continued to fight the pandemic. Frontline forces – medics, soldiers and volunteers – work tirelessly to save the victims.

“We chose to create the manger in a modern style, depicting the scene of Jesus’ birth in a field hospital, where Covid-19 patients are received and treated,” Father Truc said, adding that the nurseries Traditional images depict the birth of Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem in the Holy Land, while the modern version describes nativity scenes in specific contexts.

The 40-year-old priest said that the theme of the parish manger was Acting together for love, which is inspired by the theme of the upcoming Synod of Bishops: “For a Synod Church: Communion, Participation and Mission”.

He said that all of the life-size figures in the hospital nursery performed their duties out of love for others.

Father Truc said the wise men are offering vaccines, medicines, face masks and disinfectants that the world badly needs rather than gold, frankincense and myrrh

He said that two caregivers with two wings at the door of the hospital symbolized the angels, who in the past said Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to people of good will, and today take care of patients. . They truly deserve to be honored as angels during the pandemic.

Medically dressed magi to the left of the manger, who traveled long distances on camels to worship Jesus in the past, now hunt down infections and take them to hospitals. They went to serve the patients faithfully.

Father Truc said the Magi are offering vaccines, medicines, face masks and disinfectants that the world badly needs rather than gold, frankincense and myrrh.

An ambulance to the right of the manger shows a picture of a synodal church where all people are invited to love one another and willingly provide loving care to others in need.

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He said that all the people walked to the center of the manger where Baby Jesus is in a hospital bed, sharing the pain of human beings. He is infected with Covid-19, so his parents Mother Mary and St. Joseph in medical gear are taking care of him.

He said that above the head of Jesus is a background with a bronze drum, a symbol of the national culture, which means that Jesus is also Vietnamese and brings peace to the world and to Vietnam as well. .

The crib is decorated with two Christmas trees of masks and jars of used vaccines, the best way to prevent contagion.

A banner at the nursery reads: “If you don’t know how to love, please come in!” This means that people will know how to love others when they enter the hospital nursery with a great image of caregivers, priests, religious, soldiers and volunteers who work for love.

Father Truc, who was assigned to the parish in 2018, said Christmas is one of the solemn holidays for Christians, so all churches and families are busy getting everything ready for this event. Decorating Christmas scenes is extremely meaningful work.

The priest also called on local families to make nativity scenes in their homes to spread the joy of Christmas to other people. He provides sets of figurines for local Catholics who need to decorate their cribs.

The priest said the Christmas spirit will bring new hope to end the contagion and return to normal life for all.

Parishioners in Luu My in north-central Vietnam’s Nghe An province erected a 20-meter Christmas tree made from some 1,000 used tires, many of which were left behind by migrant workers who escaped from the southern provinces to avoid Covid-19. A large nativity scene and the area surrounding the church are also decorated with used tires.

Father Anthony Hoang Trung Hoa, pastor of the parish who initiated the special nurseries, said they intended to remind people of the terrible hardships millions of national migrants suffered when they traveled on motorcycles. from Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces to their homes. avoid the protracted pandemic which has had a huge impact on the lives of most people, especially the poor and marginalized.

He said the tire tree was a way to reduce the cost of manufacturing nurseries for local people.

The priest said the Christmas spirit will bring new hope to end the contagion and return to normal life for all.

In the past, the parish erected a large Christmas tree made up of 6,000 terracotta pots made by the local population. The tree was intended to promote the traditional trade of local people.

Many churches across the country will be holding online Christmas celebrations to contain the contagion that recently broke out again.

A nativity scene is made of bald tires at Luu My Church in Nghe An Province. (Photo courtesy of Trung Hoa Hoang’s Facebook)

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