Viktor Orbán received the highest honor of the Serbian Orthodox Church –


On Monday, September 5, Serbian Patriarch Porphyry presented Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with the gold degree of the Order of Saint Sava – as a reward for his efforts to defend Christianity in Hungary and throughout Europe, promote Christian values, as well as because of his personal contribution to the friendship between the Hungarian and Serbian peoples.

During the award ceremony, the Serbian patriarch underlined that Viktor Orbán is a unique statesman in Europe who “fights for the soul of Europe” and whose words are listened to by other peoples , including the Serbs.

Accepting the prize, the Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that he was proud to receive it from the hands of his brother, a Serbian Orthodox Christian. “We are peaceful people, we want peace, but there really is a war for the soul of Europe, and without Christian unity – including Orthodoxy – we cannot win this battle,” said the prime minister.

Saint Sava was the first Archbishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It awards the distinction in its name to ecclesiastical and lay personalities of exceptional merit.

Serbian Patriarch Porphyry wrote on his Facebook page:

“Today, at the seat of the Hungarian government, in the presence of Msgr. Irinej Bački, member of the Holy Synod of Bishops, and Metropolitan Luka, Bishop of Budinski, I awarded the Hungarian Prime Minister, Mr. Viktor Orbán, the the highest honor of the Serbian Orthodox Church – Order of Saint Sava, first degree.

The high distinction was awarded to Mr. Orbán in gratitude for the affirmation of traditional Christian values, for the selfless support of the Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Buda and for an outstanding personal contribution to strengthening the friendship between our two neighboring nations.



Feature photo: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán


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