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“Sexual harassment has not been controlled at Christianity today.

The title shocked me.

The source of the news surprised me as much as its content.

“Women have reported the inappropriate behavior of two senior leaders for more than 12 years”, said the story. “Nothing happened.”

Where were these claims made? In an explosive investigation of Christianity today himself.

The influential evangelical magazine, based in Carol Stream, Illinois, near Chicago, published an in-depth briefing written by editor Daniel Silliman and edited by news editor Kate Shellnutt.

I have frequently praised Silliman’s investigative reporting on evangelical institutions. In this week’s article, he delves into serious allegations at his own workplace:

A number of women have reported degrading, inappropriate and offensive behavior by former editor Mark Galli and former advertising executive Olatokunbo Olawoye. But their behavior went unchecked and the men were not disciplined, according to an external ministry culture assessment released on Tuesday.

The report identified a pair of problems within America’s flagship evangelical magazine: a poor process for “reporting, investigating and resolving allegations of harassment” and a culture of unconscious sexism that can be “inhospitable to women.” CT did evaluation Public.

“We want to practice the transparency and accountability that we preach,” said CT President Timothy Dalrymple. “It is imperative that we are beyond reproach on these matters. If we don’t respond to what love demands of us, we want to know and we want to do better.

In separate, independent reporting, the CT News editor interviewed more than two dozen current and former employees and heard 12 first-hand accounts of sexual harassment.

If the name Galli sounds familiar to you, it made the headlines in December 2019 when he wrote an editorial appealing to then-President Donald Trump’s appeal impeachment and dismissal. Galli then left the Evangelical magazine and converted to Catholicism, like Mark A. Kellner reported to ReligionUnplugged.com in September 2020.

In Silliman’s article, Galli calls the allegations misunderstandings. In a personal blog post responding to Christianity today report, he develops this defense:

As anyone who has read this newsletter knows, I am sometimes prone to write something that I later recognize to be confusing or misleading, and I am compelled to retrace my steps to clarify. It’s also been a character flaw in my interactions with people that pops up from time to time, as anyone who’s worked with me can attest. So this point of the article is just as far as it goes.

But I was stunned to read the article and find that there were a number of reported incidents that either never happened or the context in which they happened was omitted. Three of many examples: They say I lingered on a woman’s bra clip and my hand got stuck in her bra. Never happened. They say that I “tapped” a woman. Never happened. They say I said out loud that I love watching women golfers lean. I never said that. So, among the stories in which I can see that I genuinely offended or confused some women, there were allegations that mystified me.

Regarding Olawoye, the magazine notes:

Olawoye’s tenure on TB ended after being stopped by federal agents during an undercover operation in 2017. He was trying to pay to have sex with a teenage girl. He finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Today he lives in suburban Chicago and is a registered sex offender. He did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story.

In addition to news, Christianity today published an op-ed by Timothy Dalrymple, its President, CEO and Editor, titled “We failed to protect our employees” and one 39-page review done by Signpost solutions.

For more news coverage on Christianity today, see these stories by Bob Smietana of the Religious Information Service and Kellner, now with the washington time.

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