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Christians around the world are signing up to participate in a global 24-hour prayer wave next month. Over half of the 42 provinces of the Anglican Communion have already committed to join the Anglican Communion Day of Prayer on November 30, and many more are expected to join us as the day approaches.

The event is coordinated by the mission agency USPG and is supported by the Anglican Communion office and several Anglican agencies around the world.

USPG General Secretary Reverend Duncan Dormor said: “We believe this is the first global day of prayer of this type and we are very excited about the response we are receiving. of the whole world. We feel this is very timely. We believe that God is calling us to unite to pray for our world – a world that is reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, the increasingly alarming impact of climate change, and injustice, of exploitation and war.

“It’s a new company, it’s really a pilot that will be developed in the years to come. But seeing so many people already on board is so encouraging. The Day of Prayer is open to all Christians, not just Anglicans. Absolutely everyone is invited. It will be a very powerful day.

The Day of Prayer was inspired by the Church’s response to Covid-19.

“We saw how churches around the world connected, using technology to stay in touch and felt we could use this growth in the virtual church to unite everyone to pray,” Reverend Davidson explained. Solanki, USPG regional director for Asia and the Middle East, who is part of the coordination team.

There are over 30 time zones in the world, and a day on planet Earth lasts longer than you might think: for example, when November 30 begins, say, in Kiribati, it will barely be November 29 in Hawaii. . Faced with the complexity of schedules and time zones, the coordination team is simple.

“Our virtual gathering will take place over 24 consecutive hours,” Davidson said. “We will divide them into half-hour time slots each of which will be run by one of the Anglican provinces or extra-provincial churches or churches in full communion with the Anglican communion. This means that people will be able to join in online prayer wherever they are in the world at any time that is convenient for them. They can pray for their part of the world or elsewhere. They can participate as long as they want. It will be unique and useful.

“We are putting together a series of wonderful films that are authentic local expressions of prayer and worship from around the world. Our hope is that this day will unite us in prayer and allow us to live together a deeper communion and friendship. It will be a sign of faith and solidarity in these difficult times. ‘

Regular updates on the Day of Prayer will be posted on the USPG website and on social media. Details on how to participate and how the day will unfold will be released next month.


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